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The fact is that it doesn’t matter how you get around – by foot, bike, disability scooter or car – you are going to run into problems in Guisborough.

Some of this is purely because the town was built before the growth of car ownership. Some is because even when the car was firmly embedded into daily life they still built as if each family would only ever own one car. Then some of it is down to bizarre planning decisions. I’d have to say lazy planning that has led to a town that can be uncomfortable for everybody regardless of mode of getting around. If you use foot, bike and car like me you get to see bad planning on regular basis. In fact it isn’t just bad planning, in many cases it is lack of proactive planning.

This article isn’t about fixing everything and although it appears in the policy paper section, it is more of an outline of the issues than policies to solve those issues. The solutions are held elsewhere and Guisra will work tirelessly to identify not only what is wrong with the town, but how we see the issues resolved.

What we can identify easily is:

  • The need for electric charging points will grow
  • Many houses in Guisborough don’t have park spaces never mind somewhere for a charging point
  • Guisborough wastes its already existent paths and potential cycle paths by leaving them in poor repair
  • Crossing the road in Guisborough is at best uncomfortable and at worst, dangerous
  • Pedestrians are given little to no priority in the town
  • Disabled pedestrians are not catered for and often have their route blocked

There are many, many more things that can and will be identified and more importantly there will be solutions identified. We need to end this piecemeal fixing of problems and make some large leaps towards a better town for all residents.

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