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Road safety or the lack of is an issue where there is wide consensus throughout Guisborough. The solution presently offered appears to be to inform the police and hope they have enough resources to monitor speeds. It was decided at our launch that at our next meeting on the 10th July we would focus on building a plan for road safety improvements throughout Guisborough. Below are some discussion points to get the discussion started.

There is simply not police officers to monitor enough roads for it to make an impact. Even if they did they would probably find that very few are breaking the speed limit, although it could be judged that some are driving inappropriately considering the road conditions.

The situation is made worse in Guisborough due to the parking issues where cars line up along the side of narrow roads meaning there are many blind spots.

Guisborough needs some more of these. Pedestiran crossings that is!

Something excellent in Guisborough is you do see many young people playing out. This is to be encouraged. But they are often playing by roads where they cannot be seen by passing cars. When you are young and you are focused on chasing a football you tend to forget what is happening around you. This means that there is always a chance that a young person could run out into the road.

We should:

  1. Introduce 20mph zones across Guisborough
  2. Consider all roads, not just residential roads
  3. Massive improvement in road crossings. The car almost always seems to get priority in Guisborough
  4. Vast improvement of cycle and pedestrian routes
  5. Major improvements to be made to Rectory Lane looking at road widening and the need for more pedestrian crossings
  6. Major adjustments to Park Lane including speed calming
  7. Hutton Lane needs major speed calming measures

There is much more that can be achieved in Guisborough. Add comments about how you would like road safety to improve.


B00301With 20mph zones there is less risk of serious harm to pedestrians
B0030220mph means less noise polution
B00303Better crossings means clearer indication of priority ensuring safer crossing
B00304Improved cycle and pedestrian routes keep modes of transport apart
B00305Better access for disabled people ensuring equality of services and leisure


I00301Major infrastructure changes could have impacts on living and working through delays and possible road closures

1 thought on “Road Safety”

  1. Angela Dalton

    Great ideas. Can I add New Road to the list. With Kemplah House, there are many elderly and disabled people crossing the road. Over the years the traffic has got busier due to the shops being built on Rectory Lane. Again, it is an accident waiting to happen. Many years ago I tried to get something done e.g. partition signed by residents, but did not succeed.

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