Guisborough needs a plan

What happens is the council end up saying “we agree with the need in principle, but circumstances don’t allow us to meet that need”.

What is needed is a resident created town plan that includes priority, impact, cost, risks, and issues. Then we get collaborative solutions rather than being hampered by a political process that by its nature can never manage the detail we need. A transparent plan, warts and all, moves us away from being spectators and makes us people who expect honest and open representation.

One of the major advantages of residents defining what should be done, how it should be done and when it should be done, is that we learn which councillors are representing us. If councillors fight us it soon becomes obvious who is not working towards meeting the town’s needs. Come election time we have a much clearer vision of who wants the trappings of being a councillor and who seriously wants the best for the town.

An owned plan allows Guisborough residents to take control of the town’s destiny.

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