Introducing Michael

Normally when somebody stands as a candidate in council elections they will emphasise their long history in the area, how it is a wonderful town and how if you vote for them they’ll be dedicated to making it an even more wonderful place.

Certainly anybody standing to be your councillor should care about making Guisborough a better place to live and work but in my case I cannot fulfil the part where I state I have a long history in the area. Quite the opposite. At the time of writing this I have been in the area less than a month having lived abroad for the last seventeen years.

However being new to an area can be a good thing. As an outsider I see things that may go unnoticed by your present councillors. Key for me is to bring a fresh eye, but more importantly fresh listening. And not words to get elected but continually being in touch with the Ward.

If Guisborough needs improving (and it does) then the need remains regardless of all the blocks to achieving it. Guisborough Council should have a clear and open plan of what needs to be achieved in the town and saying that the money is not available doesn’t mean it doesn’t appear on a plan. The plan should be ambitious and regardless of whether it embarrasses the council it should be regularly shared with Guisborough residents.

Guisborough can take control of its destiny.

If you wish to discuss local issues then please don’t hesitate to contact me

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