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Crossing on New Road at Kemplah House



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Right of Way

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Angie Dalton


Crossing over New Street at Kemplah House is dangerous. Many of the pedestrians use walking aids and cannot move quickly. Due the nature of New Road where cars are parked down one side there is a tendency for cars to accelerate to pass beyond the bottleneck. This means crossing is particular difficult as cars are joining from Westgate and cars are accelerating from the Rectory Lane end.


A crossing should be added just beyond the side street into Mill Street and just prior to the present location of the bus stop. The following needs taking into consideration:

  • A pelican is better as it can have audio signals to help visually impaired pedestrians
  • A pelican will avoid Belisha beacons creating problems for New street residents
  • There could be a crossing where the bus stop is now and the bus stop could be moved
  • The road should be lifted from the corner of Westgate to ensure cars joining New Street are forced to slow
  • The road should be raised approaching the crossing from Rectory lane to ensure cars clearly see in advance the need to slow down
  • There should not be drop pavements, but rather the road lifted to the present height of the kerb to create a crossing ramp

Note: Where the bus stop is probably the ideal spot. The bus stop can be moved towards Westgate.


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