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Add zebra crossing and traffic calming – Devon Road to Esk Close (McColl’s)



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Right of Way

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Darren Smith


The crossing between the end of Devon Road and Esk Close, dissecting Hutton Lane, is extremely dangerous. Even for the abled it can be scary crossing, particularly from the Esk Close side where oncoming traffic is hidden from view by a bend in the road and the brow of the hill.

Crossing from the Devon road side to Esk Close is particularly difficult for push chair and mobility scooters as there is a requirement to move out into the road to see if it is clear to cross.

Many cars come up and down Hutton lane at high speed, but even where cars are within the speed limit the crossing is hazardous simply due to the layout of Hutton Lane.


There is a need to not only introduce a crossing at Devon / Esk, but also traffic calming approaching it to ensure vehicles have already been slowed prior to reaching the crossing. This can be achieved by adding raised crossings at a number of points along Hutton lane. See pictures and description below:

Note: On image 2 the path down to the crossing needs improvement to make it more accessible to wheel chairs and a clearer line of sight at the road.


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