Guisra Projects

Guisra has identified a number of projects which focus on improving the town to halt and reverse decline resulting in a more liveable town.

It cannot be denied that together we have the wherewithal to identify where and how the town can be improved. We do not need to wait for the council to tell us what they will do. We can tell them what they will do, how they will spend our money and even show them where they can get further funding to meet our expectations.

Guisra projects don’t just identify issues. We also plan the town by looking at what we want it to be in terms of future development. And why shouldn’t we. After all it is our town.

Shared Streets

Shared Streets is a group of projects to improve liveability by improving the mobility experience. It reviews Guisborough as a whole and identifies the following:

  • Areas where the town prioritises the motor-vehicle over other forms of mobility. In many respects this applies to most of the town, because if it is difficult to get around using other forms of mobility including by foot.
  • Where non-motorised forms of mobility can be kept separate from vehicles by improving available off-road routes and vastly improving road design.
  • How can parking be improved for residents. At the moment it is obvious that no clear long-term plan is in place. This will be particularly difficult as more people move to EVs.
  • Speeding is an issue as many areas of the town are designed as roads not streets, despite being residential with houses lining the throughfare. It is important to recognise that signage indicates maximum speed, but design makes speed limits happen naturally.
  • Traffic flows through town can be vastly improved with sensible planning.
  • Although Shared Streets does not deal directly with infrastructure such as doctor surgeries, shops etc (they are covered in other Guisra projects), it will create an environment that will compliment those projects in as much as all projects will be seen in the whole.

Identifying issues will not be of much value if that is where it ends. In the past we as residents have identified changes we require and petitioned our representatives to make it happen. Guisra will state the change we want and then plan and drive the change. Our political representatives can then clearly see exactly what the town requires and where we see the highest priorities. Examples of what can be achieved can be found here

Shared Streets Portfolio

Our projects portfolio is broken down into categories to allow residents to drill down to the detailed project documentation. It also allows us to present our projects to funders and the council in bite size pieces so that we can achieve a constant delivery velocity.

The Shared Streets portfolio grows all the time. To see what we have so far select the category Shared Streets:

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