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Chapel Beck Park forms a beautiful and very important green space in Guisborough. It’s location means it provides a pleasant connection across the town. The park also plays an important role for school students going to and from Laurence Jackson school. It is also a very popular dog walking area.

The park needs infrastructure improvements to ensure to provide a useable route for all methods of mobility. It is the politeness of users that makes the park manageable at the moment, with people allowing pushchairs past by stepping onto the grass, with students on bikes going onto the grass to get past dog walkers, pedestrians, and pushchairs. The pathways are particularly poorly designed in meeting the needs of disability scooters.

Also where the park joins roads at it exits, little infrastructure has been put in place to ensure the safety of the pedestrian. Where a pelican crossing is in place to cross Rectory lane the access is difficult for mobility scooters and bikes. The exit onto Rectory lane at Enfield chase has non-aligned drop-down kerbs.

While it may be said that bikes should not be using the park, the better solution is to improve the options for all forms of mobility. These excellent non-car routes must be maximised to enhance the quality and liveability of the town.

Design Profile

To ensure the park is safe and use friendly to all users the following design features must apply.

  • Mobility path (pushchair, mobility scooter and cycle route) is designed for those using the park as a route to other areas for the town
  • The mobility path will be twice the width of the footpath
  • Different coloured tarmac is used for the mobility path to help park users easily and quickly differentiate between the footpath
  • There should be a white line dividing the mobility path from the footpath to ensure users of the footpath easily spot if they are wandering across paths
  • Along the bottom of the park (alongside chapel beck) the mobility path should be nearest to the fence and furthest away from the grassed area. This is because walkers and dog owners will tend to be focused on the grassed area and more likely to step onto the grass area without warning or considering their surroundings
  • Electric scooters and bikes must not exceed 10mph within the park
  • There is no ownership of either the mobility path or the footpath. Park users can make use of either

Walking the Route

For this portfolio item Chapel Beck Park is entered from Rectory Close and then followed along its route through to New Road, highlighting all the available options for enhancing mobility access.

Picture 2: This entrance is not bad but requires widening to accommodate the changes to be made to the park path. Also the road to path must be flat and without a cross slope.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 4
Picture 5

Picture 4: Path facing towards Hutton Lane. Widened as per Design Profile. See P00036 for Hutton lane access.

Picture 5: Path facing towards New Street. It may well be that the foot path needs to go behined trees while mobility path follows fence.

Picture 6 & 7: Hutton Lane end of park bridge to Chapel Beck Cottages. This bridge has no good reason to have excessive slope – there are no ships passing under it. It should be less steep. It’s condition is very poor and the number of weeds and debri shows little to no maintenance.

Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Picture 8: Maintenance of the park is very poor allowing plants to grow over the path. This can be seen even more clearly further towards New street where nettles grow over the path in places. Path along this section should follow the design profile

Picture 10: Path towards Rectory Lane / Enfield Chase. This should have a delta shape to allow easy joining from either direction.

Picture 11: Path towards Rectory Lane / Enfield Chase should be widened to twice it’s present width. It doesn’t need to match the design profile of the lower Hutton to New street path. This path is in poor condition and should be made fit for use.

Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

Picture 12: Path to Sainsbury’s where it joins between Enfield Chase junction and the pelican can stay as it is.

Picture 13: Path to Sainbury’s with pelican crossing should be regarded as an important mobility route as it connects with the Walkway via the enhancements to be made as shown on portfolio item P00002. It should follow the design profile.

Picture 14: View to Westgate Park. See P00037 for design enhancements to this park.

Picture 15: View to Wilson street. The enhancements to Westgate park will ensure this road remains mainly for motor vehicles. Note the poor maintenance of the bridge and surrounds. There will be a need to better overall maintenance.

Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17

Picture 16: Up the slope towards New street again the border to the right must be cut back properly. The path should follow the design profile.

Picture 17: Near the brow of the hill it can clearly be seen that the park is neglected with weeds growing around the bench plinth and the big and empty board tagged. It is unavoidable that equipment will be tagged, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be regularly painted.

Picture 18: The hill down to New Street exit. This stretch is particularly poor at the moment. If somebody comes down here with a mobility scooter, pushchair or bike it is difficult to pass due to the overgrown border. Further down there is a ditch which means pedestrians cannot step onto the grass safely. This stretch should follow the design profile.

Picture 19: This opening wants extending by 4 metres and should match the design profile. It is dangerous at the moment as there is no clear line of sight of people approaching the corner.

Picture 18
Picture 19

Finally the exit to New Street. P00019 covers the pedestrian crossing at the end of Chapel Beck park over to Mill Street. As this is a route heavily used by Laurence Jackson students it should be implemented at the earliest.


There is no lighting anywhere in the park. This makes the park unusable when it is dark. As a minimum the the beck side path should be lit all the way from Hutton Lane to New Street as well as the path from Sainsbury’s pedestrian crossing to the beck side path.

Do you want a say on this preliminary project document? Maybe you would like to get involved in improving the design? There is a comment section at the foot of this document where you can have your say.

Complimentary Projects

Below are projects that compliment / are adjacent to this project. Each project can be implemented in isolation but as they go-live they form part of a joined up plan for the town.

P00019Pedestrian Crossing Chapel Beck Park to Mill Street
P00015Traffic lights and crossing at Enfield Chase – Rectory lane junction
P00013Add zebra at end of Dorset road dissect Rectory Lane
P00002From Walkway to Sainsbury’s path enhancement
P00036Hutton Lane access to Chapel Beck Park
P00037Enhance Westgate Park
P00038Improve quality of Chapel Beck Park


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