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Tarmac Butt lane from Walkway to Whitby Avenue



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Point 12 This is presently a wasted opportunity. Butt Lane provides the first route off the embankment (walkway) that doesn’t involve steps or traffic. It is a good wide road that is not accessible to motor vehicles. The problem with it is that it is not a built road, but rather a mud track. As usual when it rains it turns into a mess. While it could have been a excellent route for Disability Scooters, Pushchairs and Bikes, presently it is only useable in long spells of dry weather. During wet weather it is made worse as puddles collect at the bottom of the hill. There is a path worn out of the grass on the other side of the hedge proving that the route is well used. The alternative would be to follow Whitby Avenue and then Rievaulx Way, but that is long winded and put pedestrians unnecessaily in the way of traffic.

Butt Lane should be tarmacked from the Embankment to Whitby Avenue and clearly signposted that it leads to Whitby Road.

It is worth noting that Butt Lane is used by farm traffic so improvements to it should bear in mind it doesn’t provide a long term ideal route. However it could easily be tarmacked while a decent path is built as described in P00005 Create cycle path adjacent to Butt Lane to Whitby Ave

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