We strongly recommend you look at the more detailed project portfolio here. We have started the process of adding each item to a map of the town to allow you to follow more closely at what has been identifed so far and hopefully inspire you to add your own projects.

P00001Create cycle route from Aldenham Road to Butt LaneP00021Crossing on New Road at Kemplah House
P00002From Walkway to Sainsbury’s path enhancementP00022Crossing Walton Terrace to Back Fountain Street (private road)
P00003Create suitable path from Walkway to Rugby clubP00023Close Chaloner Street to car access (restricted access to Chapel St)
P00004Tarmac Butt lane from Walkway to Whitby AvenueP00024Extend Fountain Steet car park – 2 or 3 story
P00005Create cycle path adjacent to Butt Lane to Whitby AveP00025Enhance Westgate from New St to Church St / Bow St
P00006Add cycle path from end Whitby Avenue to Whitby RoadP00026Bike racks on Westgate
P00007Cycle path from Butt Lane /Whitby Road to Bow Street CentreP00027Bike racks on Chaloner Street
P00008Open up Bow Street Centre to St Nicholas ChurchP00028Dorset Road Parking – full plan
P00009Pedestrian ROW where Enfield Chase dissects the WalkwayP00029Fix high kerb where path joins Hunters Hill Chase
P00010Rework access to Hutton Lane from Devon RoadP00030Allison Street to be one-way from Park Lane to Westgate
P00011Add zebra crossing Devon Road to Esk Close (McColl’s)P00031A Guisborough Arts Centre
P00012Add zebra crossing at Highcliffe Primary SchoolP00032Guisborough Community Energy
P00013Add zebra at end of Dorset road dissect Rectory LaneP00033The Avenue – Traffic Calming
P00014Add zebra near Hutton lane / Rectory Lane JunctionP00034Improved Parking Zone Signage
P00015Traffic lights and crossing at Enfield Chase – Rectory lane junctionP00035Shared Streets – Church Lane to Westgate
P00016Add crossing at Lidl bus stop on Enfield ChaseP00036Hutton Lane access to Chapel Beck Park
P00017Create cycle lane along Enfield Chase by removing verge on one sideP00037Enhance Westgate Park
P00018Chapel Beck park mobility improvementP00038Improve Quality of Chapel Beck Park
P00019Pedestrian Crossing Chapel Beck Park to Mill StreetP00039Enfield Chase Mobility Improvements
P00020Improved cycle route Mill Street to Walton TerraceP00040Aldenham Road Mobility Improvements

See portfolio listing here for a more detailed view of each item.

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